Sunday, 19 February 2012

1000 colors painting! ♥

‎1000 colors painting
♥ size: 6cm x 6cm
♥ RM15
♥ Available in summit usj. hehe

Paint your own! hehe. best taw ♥

Name Yoyo

Sex Male
Age 1 year old
Height 72cm
Weight 15kg
Favorite colour Green

  • He lives in a seaside village which has lots of friends who grow up with Yoyo and Cici is the "goddess" in Yoyo's heart.

Name Cici
Sex Female
Age 1 year old
Height 65cm
Weight 10kg
Favorite colour Orange

  • She grows up with Yoyo. Adorable and likes to dress herself  up with fashionable things. She often dreams of having a happy life

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